Who am I

My name is Jiří Žák, I am 18 years old student from Mladá Boleslav, where I am studying as well, exactly in field of IT on Secondary Technical School in Mladá Boleslav, Havlíčkova 456. Among my hobbies I would like to point out especially creation of web sites and web applications, followed by occasional passion for reading and big fondness for music overally . I am deeply interested in Street workout, also known as „calisthenics“ and ballroom dancing.
Georges's Empire is just a bussines name.


I am learning mainly web development, as it is easier to get a job as than as a programmer, as I want to become a freelancer until I graduate. It begun with Python, but with no background I stood no chance to learn it in advance, so HTML and CSS. Naturally static sites was not enough, so I learned JavaScript in real advance, front-end as well as partly back-end and my projects turned to web applications more than to web sites. In tiny internship with T-Mobile I experienced Vue.js, right now we study PHP in the school and I would like to learn any framework like React. Back to Python, I am going to learn it for school project soon. I have some knowledge of Java and C# OOP programming, but I use Java only in school and C# was used in Unity 3D engine, where I also used Blender. In close future I will continue improving my web development abilities.

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